Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Finish Exam le~~~HAPPY!

Finish exam le..Very happy ah..
Before exam i very pressure one..
Because my friend ask me fight with her in mathematics..
So have a bit pressure lo..
BUT today i and my friend go to ask teacher mathematics take what score..
Teacher say my paper2 take 31/60,very bad..
Then my friend one,She take 28/60..very bad also..
Have another people take 41...yor...
i think i very bad leh....haiz...
But i hope English can take A......
Have people buy me present...^^
But wanna take A..Whatever what subject..
Hope can take A,then take present too..hehe
No exam le,holiday coming...
Can sleep more^^..
And i hope that day coming faster...
That day mean..
Have a match in my school on dunno what day what time..
But i know in JUNE..
Is a 唱歌比赛..
I have one friend,sukjing..
I very jealous her voice,when she sing i feel very high..
Because i like she sing and her voice..
I support you in the match,i think you can become a winner..
I got go the match support you..
Don't make me hopeless oh..

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