Sunday, February 27, 2011

Hey! Blogger!

Is really been a long long~~ time didn't view and update my blog~
Many and many and many things is occurs in my life..

1)I bought SS3 ticket! And it is first row =D
2)I will working after im school..part time florist~
3)March 19 Super Show concert!
4)Next,i think i am hard in sejarah subject..Try to love this subject~
5)My friend was changed her class without add math
6)Exam coming soon,went to my friend's house study..
7)And just now in cafe,we got a drink decoration stirring rod with design SJ! (Predestine xD)

And i think i am few to back blog also..
Because i am busy in exam and support SS3 functions~
After March 19,i will be upload more and more detail from the concert!

Be patient,march 19 is coming soon..
Super Junior is coming soon....*o*
Exam hwaiting!!! =)

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

My NEW life?

Long time i didn't open about the website..
I am just only open the computer and receive twitter and check what super junior doing..
And vote for the kpop..
Since the holiday start i work until now..
Never tried before every morning woke up in 8..
And slept in 12..
And my life is so normal right now..
My breakfast lunch and dinner is all ate in normal time..
Not like before..My breakfast is together with lunch,dinner together with breakfast or sometime missed it..
Now the holiday is close to end..The feeling " start school again " is again occurs in my mind..
But is already a habit when every end in a year..So take it easy man =)

My family is work in whole day,no one is free to get me finish school..So i will take bus every schoolday,and go to the shop of dad,and help him work..Its okay,i know i will earn money from the work everyday..
But i really boring in the shop..And i not so like the place..Its so dirty..
And in weekend saturday and sunday,i will go help my mum's florist..
It is begin my work life yea >.<

Just do my best in school and work together..And hope my best friend will get well soon..
I will encourage and be with you until the end =) So you no need to worry.. I will be with you in the all time =)

Monday, October 11, 2010

I learnt somethings again~

I learnt something again~
That is don't make regret and just do it ^__^
Be brave and say everything you want to say,
be brave and do everything you want to do =)
We just have one life~
One life,not so many time~
Inside the life we need to get busniness,get love,get money,get what you want~
All also need TIME~
One life is not enought ..

I maked too many regret before,
So i want discards regret right now~
I want say everything i want to say,
do everything i want to do~
Just be a brave girl,what also do~

Try to think,you want say the three words " I LOVE YOU"..
Is the difficult things before i thought~
But think it,if you don't want to say..Is NO MORE time to let you say it..
Come on,just let the people know you are loving him/her..
Don't be shame,because it is what we want to let him/her to know~

And i want to tell..
Ever this is need more brave,but we still want to say~
Because this is really no more time to let you think and say =)
So .............
I take the brave right now.............
And open the MSN to tell you now....
Today i want to tell you "I LOVE YOU"!!
No matter still can make friend,but i just want to say it^_____^


I .......
SAID IT!!!!!!^______^
hahahahahahahahaha =D

Just now till now...
My hands is trembling....
now also =='''
OMG i can't believe i said it ^____^

Monday, September 27, 2010

I learnt something..

This few week..I learnt something important..
That it is MONEY!
Life need money,without money without life..
This is what i learnt~

Really important "for me maybe"..
The feeling cannot get something really suck ==''
So bad.. >.< Kept money is a very difficult thing for me ..
Why i changed to like this =='' I don't know..
I'm rebel now?
I'm greedy for money?
I do not know enough?
Maybe.....All because of this~

After it,my mum&sis is preparing to doing some business..
Already gave deposit, it is a Flower Shop~
December 1 is open to business~If didn't any incident, will be successful~
And I is always ready to help them two~
But not easy..Need to learn flower arrangement..And learn type of flower ~
Hardworking yea..=)

My PMR....>.<
I can say what??
Just hardworking yea karkar ==''

Friday, September 17, 2010

What happen to me??

What happen to me just now??
Why can i had this feeling just now!!
Please........hold on.........hold your feeling......please.........T.T
Do you understood karkar? Before two month you already gave up..
So please don't please don't!!!!!Please don't have the feeling again!!
He won't he won't okay??!!! T.T


Friday, September 10, 2010

My Headphones ^^

Yesterday...wahahaha xDD
I bought a HEADPHONES~~~~
Before I already need bought a headphones,yesterday let me saw the headphones style same with DONGHAE(Super Junior) in "SEOUL" (song)~
Wahahahaha,no need go MY STARS bought~And also cheap only ^^

Let Shows PICTURE =)

Sunday, September 5, 2010


One month didn't write blog already..
This "one month" many happens..About FAMILY,MONEY,STUDY..
Now..Now just can getting some rest..
And really too much things i want to say..
But I am lazy =p

So just tell what changed in my life,okay?xD
My laptop had a new skin^^
Now so handsome already xDD

And........................................... .................................................... .......................................


ignore this...

My family relationship so confuse now..
But is changing..
I think we can do it =)
"FIGHTING" for my family =)
Good Luck and we will be happiness forever ^^

During the exam,i thinked my english is getting bad..
So hurt to me and I am so hard to improve my english now~
Do it hard karkar!!!!!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Movie today

Watched "SALT" and "The Jade and The Pearl"just now..
Just back from Wangsa Walk~
Watched two movie together in a day~

Nice,because it is my love Angelina Jolie =)
The whole movie just can used in one word " COOL" ^^ I like ~
But the end got some not prefect i think~

"The Jade and The Pearl"
Got some nonsense but it FUN!!
And romance ^^

And other way~
KARKAR fighting!!!!
My target 2A in PMR..
SE HAZEL is waiting me =)
Don't go away from me..I will get a good result and get you back home =)

Monday, July 12, 2010

Spain WIN~

Yesterday night didn't sleep,watch world cup~
So today didn't go school wah ==''
2.30am start until almost finish that time spain goal~~
yeah!!!so high~~
Because support Spain more than Netherland^^
Netherland always get yellow cards~
Hurt Spain many time>.<
But now SPAIN WIN!!woohooo~~~~~~~xD

Saturday, July 10, 2010

The 4th album^^

The ring and my hand =)

The Light sticks =)