Sunday, June 28, 2009


Jun 27
YanXin Birthday

On the day of jun 27,we celebrate yanxin birthday in "House Cafe"..Nice place,and they play "cake"??You know how?Just use the cake and pick people..Dirty..I did' t join the "cake" match..Is just very "geng",i mean sukjing...She take a bit cake and every people also pick,i got it..Because she...Then take the cake pick back her..Jingshyen did' t join the match too,because also sukjing,jingshyen got it..Finally,everybody clean "House Cafe" together..=.= I think very waste the cake....waste....But they play fun,nevermind..I take few photo only,so hopeless is sure one..So....sorry..
And wish yanxin happy always^^

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