Saturday, July 18, 2009

Last Saturday

Sorry,I'm late to post..

At last saturday,i went to school watch the"歌唱比赛"..
Well...I will remember sukjing sang that day..
Wonderful man...I can't believe her voice is very wonderful and beautiful..
Let me show you sukjing how her voice that i say very wonderful..
She become a winner!
XD Just show like that...
I very happy that she can become a winner~
Congratulation sukjing~
I love you sukjingXD
If we all bigger already,i will make a company let you be a singer..
If can,it really will be true..
I'm hope you can continue sing..

Hehe,the photos not nice,i know...
Because i use my phone take one,can't zoom...
so not nice..I'm sorry..
And hope you enjoy it..^^

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