Sunday, April 19, 2009

Today buy all things no need pay myself~

Today i call my mum bring me to buy novel..
Then my mum say after 5.00p.m then take me go..
I'm ready all in 6.00p.m,after my mum say she not free,
so i hurt..Maybe God give me a chance,my sister wanna go out..
So bring me together, I'm happy can buy my novel again..
Then I'm buy two novel,Name is "My Prince Is Handsomemen (谁叫你那么帅)and Happiness Clover(幸福四叶草)..Then I'm lucky..My sister take me go Desa Setapak buy PC games..
I forgot my sister buy how many,but have a bit is me let my sister buy..hehe(no need pay myself)
Then my sister are going famasi buy thing,I saw sweets,and then i ask my sister can buy or not,my sister say YES oh~Can't imagine ah~~(no need pay myself)
Later my sister buy jor and hungry, so my sister is going buy sell in car's "tang shui"(么都有)..
Buy for me too~My sister rarely buy things for me 1,today different..
I'm happy i have more things no need i pay..hahaXD

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