Monday, October 5, 2009


Tomorrow want go to school or not..
My left brain and right brain at dicussing..
Very very tired go school already..
Is it just do same things at a day by a day..
Boring more than a day and a day..
Like a robot..People ask you do something,then i am just do something..
No learning,no intersting,no fun..
Boring..more than sleeping..lols.. exam..
Very pressure..I am not a study guy..
In studying i will tired also..
I don't need become a top class student..
Is it so pressure i know..
But my best friend..She wish can study in top class..
She wish also same class with me..
So she calling me to study hard in exam,because of same class with her..
But,I am sorry my friend..
Maybe..I cannot allows it..I cannot take it easy..
I am a stupid in study..I am not a study guy..I cannot study..
But im promise you,i will try my best also..
Sorry,my friend...
My target now is fast to finish study in form5..
I want be a hairdresser..
Become a hairdresser is my ambition..
And be a top hairdresser!
So studying is not best on me..
I will try my best..My friend,i am pressure in studying..I am lazy,not intersting,not best in,and i don't like study!So,i just can try the best in my limit..

The else.....
Tomorrow want go to school or not??
Confuse on this..The last day...before the week of PMR...
Form2 holiday one week..Boring too...But is best than in school..
Thinking until headache...So pain....
I don't wish to go,but my friend alone in school tomorrow..
I cannot keep lonely to her..So sienzzzz!!!!

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Deborah Lim said...

Wow! I didn't know our left brain can actually talk to the right brain! How did you do it?? lol.

Take it easy ya sis. Don't give yourself too much pressure. Just do your best! Trust me, I know how it feels(wink). Go ahead and pursue your dream! Papa in heaven will guide and lead you as you ask of Him. This, I guarantee! Love ya ^^