Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Today Last Day..

Before we planed go to eat breakfast,with classmate because already is lasted day..So today we backed school gave back the teks book,and include me,7 friend go to ate breakfast..5 girls and 2 boys..hahaXD,the 2 boys so shy,because all is girl..They so cute!haha..Because it so early,just 10am like that,all restaurant haven going..Lucky we saw a cafe,already opened..So we think drink a tea and waiting other restaurant opened..We on the door outside called waiter or else but nobody answered,and we no brave inside and shouted "Got anybody??"So we one two juice(don't know is it like that spellXD)to conform who go inside to shouted..And lasted round is me fighted with YH(girl),and I inside shouted anybody..Later walked out a boy/man..Because he look likes young..And we asked him this cafe already opened?He answered YES but he said if wanna ate something its needed to waited,we just needed to drink..So he said OKAY,no need waited..Now can drink,hahaXD..Funny huh~Because he just opened the cafe,haven prepared anything,and it is a new cafe~So we sat down and took two set of poker to play..HahahaXD~~FUN!And the drink came,then we drinking and playing..Play until so highed and so fun!Time already pass,already 11pm like that..So i payed for all of drink,because i promised them before i wanted belanja them drink^^Now i belanja you all..Total is RM22..And we go second round~Now is go ate,other restaurant~And I'm hungry..Morning until now..Haven eat somethings~@@ hehe~In the restaurant,FUN also~I with JY(girl) so funny~On same time said same words,got two times also like that XD~And my friend JS(girl) and CP(boy) ate porridge,the porridge so BIG...They ate until full and full XD..Ate finish,we go walking walking..Master said ate jor things need to walking walking,helping body health..^^And walked walked walked,is times to backed home..YH(girl),JY(girl),and LY(girl) waiting they parents on prima..Other side me,JS(girl),YB(boy),and CP(boy) walking back school..Because YB and CP 's parents going school to fetch them back~Me and JS walking back home,so 4 people together walked back lo..Actually I not walking backed home la,is just waiting times to past,i need 1pm like that then my parents was free..So we 4 walking and chatting!So slow to walked,because we don't wished so early to backed..So chat more and more lo..Walked until half,CP 's mother already reached,so he came back home..And me,JS,and YB walking backed school lo..Reached the school,me and JS also waiting YB's mother came to fetch him..Because me and JS scared his one boy will get rapped~XDD,Later his mother was came,then said sayonara lo~Then me and JS walked walked walked,chat chat chat,suddenly i think WH(boy)is lived in here maybe..And i SHOUTED his names for the condominium,so stupid..And JS shouted also..Because we don't know he lived in where,but know his is live in this condominium..So we shouted his names loh,maybe he will came outed and looked who is calling him leh~Right?But...Unfortunately...He didn't came outed and looked who is it are calling for him..So hopeless and walked backed JS home..Just reached on JS home,raining le...So heavy...And 1o minutes are pass,my mom reached..And backed home loh...

Today so happy^^Wish next year we will be classmate together!

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