Monday, September 27, 2010

I learnt something..

This few week..I learnt something important..
That it is MONEY!
Life need money,without money without life..
This is what i learnt~

Really important "for me maybe"..
The feeling cannot get something really suck ==''
So bad.. >.< Kept money is a very difficult thing for me ..
Why i changed to like this =='' I don't know..
I'm rebel now?
I'm greedy for money?
I do not know enough?
Maybe.....All because of this~

After it,my mum&sis is preparing to doing some business..
Already gave deposit, it is a Flower Shop~
December 1 is open to business~If didn't any incident, will be successful~
And I is always ready to help them two~
But not easy..Need to learn flower arrangement..And learn type of flower ~
Hardworking yea..=)

My PMR....>.<
I can say what??
Just hardworking yea karkar ==''

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