Tuesday, December 28, 2010

My NEW life?

Long time i didn't open about the website..
I am just only open the computer and receive twitter and check what super junior doing..
And vote for the kpop..
Since the holiday start i work until now..
Never tried before every morning woke up in 8..
And slept in 12..
And my life is so normal right now..
My breakfast lunch and dinner is all ate in normal time..
Not like before..My breakfast is together with lunch,dinner together with breakfast or sometime missed it..
Now the holiday is close to end..The feeling " start school again " is again occurs in my mind..
But is already a habit when every end in a year..So take it easy man =)

My family is work in whole day,no one is free to get me finish school..So i will take bus every schoolday,and go to the shop of dad,and help him work..Its okay,i know i will earn money from the work everyday..
But i really boring in the shop..And i not so like the place..Its so dirty..
And in weekend saturday and sunday,i will go help my mum's florist..
It is begin my work life yea >.<

Just do my best in school and work together..And hope my best friend will get well soon..
I will encourage and be with you until the end =) So you no need to worry.. I will be with you in the all time =)

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