Sunday, February 27, 2011

Hey! Blogger!

Is really been a long long~~ time didn't view and update my blog~
Many and many and many things is occurs in my life..

1)I bought SS3 ticket! And it is first row =D
2)I will working after im school..part time florist~
3)March 19 Super Show concert!
4)Next,i think i am hard in sejarah subject..Try to love this subject~
5)My friend was changed her class without add math
6)Exam coming soon,went to my friend's house study..
7)And just now in cafe,we got a drink decoration stirring rod with design SJ! (Predestine xD)

And i think i am few to back blog also..
Because i am busy in exam and support SS3 functions~
After March 19,i will be upload more and more detail from the concert!

Be patient,march 19 is coming soon..
Super Junior is coming soon....*o*
Exam hwaiting!!! =)

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