Thursday, December 24, 2009

Dec 23 & Dec 24

Best Intro to you ALL~
The Movie Avatar! A BEST movie..More Nice~
I love it,so touching and hatred and make me crazy..Anyway..This is a Best Best Best movie!
If you got chances,go to watch..You never regret..

Dec 23

I go KLCC with my friend..Target is watch Avatar,and buy present to my friend..After watch Avatar,WOW~~I can't imagine,the waste the ticket,and after the movie i feel so content and worth=)I will buy DVD keep in home forever until the endXDD
Lastly me and YX share share buy a clothes in ROMP to SJ,for birthday present..So beautiful~This is KLCC christmas tree.. Dec 24

After KLCC,we planned Dec 24 go pavilion watch the faked snow..And help my friend upload photo..WOW also..Because im poor..So means pavilion expensive..We eat in " Madam Kwan"..But unlucky we forget took photo,because nice..Then we wait in here,waiting the snow..

8pm already..No snow oh@@, then we saw many people runned to outside...Then we saw the snow at outside,not here=.=''Then we runned also..Many many people..Wow..The snow is bubble..But beautiful also=)
After enjoying beautiful scenery..And took some photo then go back..Because we all already so tired..Me always stray@@ This time is also the same..We almost don't know how to back home..We just walk walk walk...Then go buy drink,pay that time..Got a stranger said Merry Christmas on behind us,is a lengzai leh XDD But i don't know how to said..Is just said "en",after pay then go..Lastly we also back home already..So So So tired..And this few day i will consider some trouble things,maybe i never using my comp again,or what,i will consider it..But maybe i never give up internet..But.....grhhhh...I will consider it~

And wish everybody Merry Christmas=)
and had a sweets dream~good night^^

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