Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Last Saturday

Last Saturday 11/5(Late jor write)

Last Saturday go to beach..beautiful huh=)
To leave on 12pm,to go on 1pm,to reached on 3pm..
In the car...Talked talked talked~Laughed laughed laughed~Then reached..3 hour leh@@

Reached,the..sea...to ebb...so dry...want play water then need run to far and far..Then we run to far lo,there got water mah..
The water not so deep..So we play (don't know what game)..Just to pursue the ball and took its to goalkeeper..Then means won..But we team no won..=.=

Then suddenly they boys took the mud to throw on us..Then we throw backed..Throw throw throw,then don't play jor..Whole body all is mud..Dirty!I don't liked!Then backed to sandy beach,ate some bread..

Then changed to play volley ball,formerly is 3 people playing only,then 4 people,5 people,6people,7,8....Many many joined its..Maked its so funny and splendid..Then we body now is all sand..haizz..Sure need whole body dirty..

After its,the water is backed..haha,can swim already!XDD
Then go swim..Swim until far far,woo...cold water,i liked!Then learn some swimming pose..

We go took shower and changed clothes,the!!!!grhhhhhh...!my hair.....I HATE...My hair ties knots..I comb directly hardly very much,i hate ah....My hair already broke,i sad..Then go ate dinner,go ate seafood..Finish,ready to backed home,yeah~~~Backed home,first thing is TOOK SHOWER!

Reached home,my mum just reached home also..She and dad backed from Genting Highland(Casino)..So tired ah today..Can sleep better..Because during this holiday,almost everday also very difficult to go to slept..Maybe is something to concern..That is a secrets in my mind..So worry about it..


light_aboutMe n frenzzz said...

whih beach u go?

kAr² said...

Bagan Lalang..
Near KLIA there =)