Saturday, December 19, 2009

To YOU...

Happy Birthday

Do you heard that?

Happy Birthday!!!!

I didn't say with you, please forgive me if you care..
Not I don't want wish you, is I don't know how to wish you..
I don't know i can used what status to wishes you...

Please allow my blessing..

I hope you happy/happiness..This world have lots of things can let your happy..

I hope you healthy..This world nobody can hurt you..

I hope you can regard you are important..You want to know this world have lots of person is to caring of you..

I want to say to you after pass, no matter you have not read..
I'm the one caring of you..No matter im your friend or what..
Please take care yourself, don't let person care of you to worries..
If there are some I can help, I hope you can look for me..
I will try my best to help you..Happy Birthday=)

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