Sunday, May 16, 2010

Don't do something you will regret

Computer its came back..
Super happy man =D
But other way,
Exam is coming soon..I don't like,hate exam hate school=(
But need to finish form 5 also>.<
I want read course of hair after form5..
That is my dream =)
So i need to "fighting" noh~Aka!!
It all because of my future=)
And hope everybody dream come true ^^

Nothing is important than family and friends..
I will love and treat them well before im still alive..
I hope everybody can understand it..
Everythings maybe just only one chance for you,
so don't do something let yourself will regret in the world..

Im so regret after I do some mistake..
I want to apologize to you in here..
Because i can't contact you anymore..
Maybe Im mature or I already big girl now..
So I know before that mistake is all of my wrong..
I was do some mistake but you forgive on me,and gave another chance to me..
But I didn't understand what wrong im..
But now..I know where is my wrong..
But its too late..Sorry...
Im so sorry..

If I can contact you,
the first thing I need to say..
Is apologize and thank you..
You let me know what is happiness..
And the first time I feel that im important..
Thank you=)
You will be a people in my heart I never forget..
I love you forever^^

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