Saturday, May 22, 2010

The things ^^

The things buy from "My Stars",not only i buy in Super Junior..Also have SHINee ^^The two L shape folder of SHINee,and other is Super Junior xDD That the last photo is just tell you guys is my dream ring,so share with you guys..Because i thought that is special and nice ^^

The Poster of Super Junior^^

The L shape Folder =)

Key Chain or Phonelines of "Ryeowook", "Eunhyuk" and "Boys In City Season 3"..

SuJu(SUper JUnior) and ELF ^^

Cup of Ryeowook =)
Phoneline "Super Junior and ELF"

The Last!!!!Do you see the boy,Eunhyuk's ring ..That i want to buy next time !!Fighting!!That is my dream ring ^^The square ring ^^

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