Friday, May 21, 2010

Heart so pain..But happy =)

Today finish school me,JS and LY together go Time Square..
Because heard people said Time Square have a shop just only sale korea star's things (周边商品)..Called "My Stars"..In 5th floor..
I just only want Super Junior and SHINee~

When waiting the monorail,we saw a group of passegers from HongKong..
Suddenly got a people come and ask JS "Can you help me take a photo?可不可以帮我影张相?"(cantonese)
JS said of course okay lah..But the people take the camera and gave his friend,then walk and stand in JS side..JS so confuse what was it?Not help your take photo meh?Why become you take photo to me?But she smile also,because already said okay to the passeger,its too late cannot said NO..
Me and LY in behind secret and smile..Because just now the people asking can helping take photo that time..I was ask JS and LY "Who best in photograph?"I haven't finish ask,JS already gave the people pull and go to take photo..haha =D

When we reached Time Square,go for lunch 1st xD~
And find the shop at where,finally found it,its too high when found!
We inside..and see many many many many about Super Junior SS501 SHINee Girl's generation 2pm and more...Can't finish said..Its too many ^^
Then we "rub rub rub"(cantonese) "rub"(means is buy but also can say in rop)all the things about Super Junior!

I get shock when I saw the RING by Eunhyuk!!That was my dream ring..OMG!I want,but I can't >.And many things about 320 that day,but its too expensive >.<
I just buy some cheap,but its too high when seeing Super Junior,so a lot of things i also didn't ask how much and take >.<

So the problem is come =.=''

When calculate the things of mine that time..Walao...RM50...RM60..RM70...RM80 I seeing she pressing the calculator and no stop continue pressing RM90...RM99 when press until here..I know my heart already broke >.< My money is flying...
I don't know why..She still pressing >.<>.<

I almost fall on floor and faint...I didn't cry in the shop..But my heart already crying...>.< OMG~This was a big blow for me..BIG BLOW!!!!

I didn't regret =) It was deserve because it is Super Junior ^^
Money is the most important in my life..But if spend in Super Junior..That was deserve =)
So the feeling of mine so confuse today..Happy or unhappy,happy and unhappy >.< ^^

But also cannot be nothing happened..To punish myself is I need to find a job.. >.<
Because money is finished>.<

I will upload photo about all the things i buy in "My Stars"~And the ring also in next post..
Now is too tired..And cannot continue writing..So....
Good Night Everybody =)
Have A Sweets Dream^^

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